“I highly recommend Ted’s work as a Reiki Master and energy worker. From our sessions, I have been able to reduce stress and work thru emotional issues. Overall, he has helped me to experience a state of inner peace and relaxation. Ted has been instrumental in helping to deepen my spiritual practice and awareness. From his work and guidance, I have realized profound healing and growth.”
Top Qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity

Bob Holdsworth, Conway, NH

Ted has been working with me for over a year and has helped cultivate a profound difference in my life as I dealt with chronic illness and stress. Ted is an amazing healer and energy worker, a gifted intuitive, and a very loving, compassionate, divine being. Thanks Ted, for helping me with my physical and emotional issues  your work has been a godsend.

JM, Center Harbor, NH

I first came to Ted about 4 years ago in a major health crisis. No doctors or “traditional” medicine practices were able to assist my chronic illness. After doing a Reiki “bootcamp” with Ted, which included several days of intensive healing, reading and his thoughtful insights, I  made immense leaps in my recovery. With Ted’s compassionate understanding and genuine commitment to help, I was able to resume my normal life and reach a full sense of health and well-being. Even today, when I feel “off track,” a maintenance Reiki session restores and re-energizes me.

Marsha L, NY, NY

I am grateful for Ted’s gentle forgiveness process that helped me to shift my consciousness to a lighter realm and moved me to a healthier way of being. Ted provided a very safe, powerful and loving space for me to forgive and release painful experiences. With his focused light and energy he guided and supported me through this process. I was surprised at how deeply rooted and intense the pain actually was that I was carrying inside me. This was a profound healing for me.

Annie Bunnell, NH

Ted has a gift of identifying the core issues and then sets out to heal them. The energy work has been very deep and profound. I have been able to cut cords from past relationships that had been draining me of energy. My spirituality has shifted to a much higher level.

Kelly Leighton, Conway, NH


The Reiki and Energy work with Ted has been very powerful in my life. The healing that has come has been wonderfully remarkable. His guidance has been, and is crucial in my overall wellness. I would recommend his service to everyone, especially people experiencing any type of challenge in their life.

Ellen K, Ossipee, NH