Physical and Emotional Healing

Reiki provides physical and emotional healing. The beauty of Reiki is that it heals the core issues that impact our health and well being. Deep healing can take place at both the physical and emotional level with Reiki. Unprocessed emotional issues lead to disease. Prior to a healing session I will intuit your blocks to healing. I will check your energy centers (chakras) to make sure they are open. I will open these centers first so that your energy is flowing optimally to receive the maximum benefit from the Reiki session. Most negative issues can be released with normal energy work.

If there are some deep seated anger issues, I will coach you through a forgiveness process if you are ready to take this step. Forgiveness is an exercise in grace. Forgiveness is a mystical directive, not a rational one. The impulse to forgive comes from a part of you that is often in direct conflict with how you feel or think about the person in question. If you can think of someone that humiliated you in some fashion, if you can still feel the emotion associated with it, it resides in your body. These are blocks to your health today that I will help you release.

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