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Welcome to Winds of Change Reiki Studio. My healing practice utilizes the Alternative Medicine techniques of Energy Medicine, Reiki and Distance Healing.  I have helped many people reduce stress, heal from illness, bring relief to chronic pain, recover from surgery, lessen the side effects of cancer and chemo therapy, and deal with their grief.  Energy Medicine and Reiki have been a powerful force for healing in my life. I bring my expertise, passion, and conviction to my clients. I empower my clients to take charge of their health and tap into their inherent ability to heal.

In addition to being a certified Reiki Master since 1998, I use Energy Medicine to open and balance your Chakras’s, realign your Meridians, and stimulate your Neurolymphatic Reflex Points. Physical ailments have been shown to deepen when anger, guilt, jealously, or impatience, are present. I use a blend of modalities to identify and heal physical and emotional issues.   I will help you learn simple techniques to maintain your body in optimal health. Each healing session will make you feel at peace, relaxed, secure, optimistic and ready to tackle all tasks with a positive outlook in life. My work has been proven to create miraculous results in health and emotional wellbeing.

Long distance healing is very effective and can be arranged at your convenience. Whether you are local or remote, we can arrange sessions to meet your needs.

Contact me for any questions at tedverplanck@rocketmail.com  or call me at (603) 662-2244.

My Skype address is ted.verplanck. Also be sure to like me on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/WindsOfChangeReiki