How Distance Healing Works

How Long Distance Healing Works

Imagine reaching out and touching someone. Not with a phone or a note card or an e-mail. Just with your energy and intention. The person you reach out and touch could be in the next room, the next city, the next state, or in another country or on a different continent or even on a boat in the middle of an ocean. It could be the person you love most in the world, or a stranger in need. Wherever they are, your energy and intention can reach them. With a healing intent, your energy can help that person be more whole.

If this concept is challenging to you, know that the phenomenon is more ancient than the Bible, the Koran, and the Sanskrit holy texts known as the Vedas. Healers and scientists studying the practice call it long distance healing or remote healing. Shamans have been doing it since before recorded history. They call it journeying to the spirit world.

Distance healing is based on quantum physics discoveries that energy is not restricted to any time and location. In distance healing energy is manipulated and guided by the mind thus making it a very advanced method of healing, in other words medicine of the future. A distant healing session is a healing conducted when the person receiving the healing is not present. The person having the healing does not have to be aware of the healing session in order to receive its benefits and energy can be transmitted over any distance. Distance healing is a great way to receive healing energy when you are in a hospital, not close enough to do a studio session, or need multiple session to accommodate your busy schedule and meeting with them in person is a challenge.

There are many theories about how we can receive energy from another person. The field of Quantum Physics provides scientific evidence how this happens, but is beyond the scope of this article to explain in a simple, meaningful way for the average reader. If I could break it down to a single sentence I would say that it’s possible to send energy over a distance or remotely because at a deeper level of reality all things in the universe are infinitely interconnected.

The scientists of today are now beginning to recognize what the mystics from many traditions have been saying for centuries, “We are all connected. We are not separate.” It is the connection that allows remote healing energy to be transferred over long distances. I believe there is no time and space when it comes to sending positive energy. Both the sender and the receiver benefit when the energy is sent with unconditional love.

The healer links into the vibratory energy signature of the client and using their sixth sense, in connection with higher spiritual guidance, sees, knows and operates within the energetic field, shifting blocks and running healing energy from the divine.

If you consider that thought is just energy as well as emotions and feelings, imbalances in the energy body can create physical problems or an illness. If the practitioner can help the client to resolve their issue which has created the illness, and their energy is balanced and restored, the illness often disappears or improves. Healing energy can be sent for any condition, whether it’s physical, mental, emotional or spiritual. Improvement can be instantaneous or improve over time. How the recipient responds can vary. They may feel warm, cold, feel sensations in their body or just feel more calm and relaxed. It’s common that they feel nothing, but that doesn’t mean nothing is happening. They are just not aware of it. Improvement may come over days or even weeks, depending on how fast the individual can integrate what happened during the energy session.